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Marine Engine Driver Grade 2

Marine engineers are responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing engines, machinery and other mechanical and electronic equipment aboard ships and offshore structures. They operate and maintain a ship’s engine according to orders from the ship’s captain.

Marine engineers also monitor and test the performance of the electrical and mechanical equipment of a vessel, including the heating, ventilation, refrigeration, water and sewerage systems, and repair faults where necessary and possible. When they are ashore, they may be responsible for ordering spare parts, fuel and lubricating oil.  This certificate will allow you to work as:

  • Chief engineer on vessels with inboard engines with propulsion power up to 500 kilowatts within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
  • Second engineer on vessels with inboard engines with propulsion power up to 750 kilowatts within the EEZ
  • Chief or second engineer on vessels with outboard engines within the EEZ
  • An assistant under the direct supervision of the chief engineer
  • In the engine room of a vessel up to 80 metres long with propulsion power up to 3000 kilowatts.

MAR30821 Certificate III in Maritime Operations

MAR30821 Cert III in Maritime Operations (MED Grade 2)

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