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Master up to 24 Near Coastal

A Master oversees all aspects of a ship’s operation, while at sea, at anchor and in port. They command a commercial vessel of up to 24 metres in length, within limits specified by the Marine Authority.

They are responsible for overseeing activities such as the carriage of passengers, the loading and unloading of cargo, repair and maintenance work, the receipt and transmission of information, navigation and all other activities essential to the safe, efficient and effective running of a ship.

They are also responsible for managing a ship’s budget and expenditure, as well as preparing voyage plans. A Master must also record the daily activities in the ship’s log, including the course and any alterations, the ship’s position, any repairs and the weather conditions.

MAR30921 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal)

This qualification applies to people working in the maritime industry seeking an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) certificate of competency in the capacity of:

  • Master on commercial vessels up to 24 m in length within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or
  • Chief mate or deck watchkeeper on vessels up to 35 m in length within the EEZ or
  • Chief mate or deck watchkeeper on vessels up to 80 m in length in inshore waters.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

This qualification is required to obtain an AMSA certificate of competency as a Master <24 metres NC as defined in the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part D.

AMSA certification of competency will require:

  • Achieving MAR30921 Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master <24 m Near Coastal)
  • A marine radio operators certificate of proficiency
  • Meeting the medical and eyesight requirements specified in the NSCV Part D
  • Assessment by an AMSA approved assessor using the AMSA mandated practical assessment (AMPA) conducted on a commercial vessel ≥7.5 m in length.
  • Sea Service – you must have completed either:
    • 120 days qualifying sea service on a vessel at least 7.5m long – working in a deck capacity and a completed AMSA approved task book. Task book can be purchased at SMIT.
    • 360 days qualifying sea service on a vessel at least 7.5m long – working in deck or both deck and engineering capacity. At least 180 days on commercial vessels and 180 days can be recreational without an AMSA task book.

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