Shipboard Safety Skill Set

The challenge of ensuring survival at sea cannot be understated, and users of the seas need to be constantly alert. Calm and beautiful one moment, the sea and ocean can be quickly become treacherous and cruel. Conditions on board may be uncomfortable and dangerous in rough weather. Living in close quarters with the crew requires good communication and team working skills are fundamental to assist in maintaining morale.

MARSS00008 – Shipboard Safety Skill Set

A Shipboard Safety Skill Set certificate is a requirement when working on any small commercial fishing vessel, trade vessel and recreational vessel. Participants range from vessel owners and their crews, sailing club members and this is a compulsory unit for deckhands, skippers, coxswains, engineers and masters.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

  • Seafarers should ensure they have also read the part of the Training Package Companion Volume Implementation
  • Guide that outlines licensing and regulatory requirements.
  • Seafarers seeking certification should check with AMSA.

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